Work permit and visas

A foreigner may engage in work in Thailand which is not a restricted occupation only upon receipt of a work permit. An exception may be provided in case of necessary and urgent work.

Foreigners who wish to take up employment in Thailand must enter on the appropriate visa in order to receive a work permit.

HLB provides advice on Thailand’s work permit and visa requirements and can assist in all aspects of the application and approval process.

 Thailand’s new 10 year long-term resident visa (LTR) program has caught the attention of foreigners wishing to live in the kingdom because of the special benefits offered that make a long term stay in the kingdom less bureaucratic.

Click here to find out more about the four types of LTR visa offered and whether you qualify for Thailand’s new long-term resident visa program. If you want to know more about your eligibility for an LTR visa, get in touch with us .

Client's testimonial

"I applied for a Long Term Residency Visa and was approved. I feel the Thai Govt like most agencies does not make sense or provide realistic guidelines... HLB Completely navigated all of their nonsense from start to finish and did everything they claimed they could do... Our String of emails was just over 89 emails... and they were always responsive and helpful... Thank you HLB worth every penny."

By Jonathan Braswell

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