Healthcare is at the heart of every community. While healthcare systems vary from region to region, and macro-trends like technological innovation and social and economical shifts have a different impact on care providers across the world, the goal is always to provide the best possible care to as many people as possible in the most efficient way. At HLB, we’re dedicated to helping health and medical care organisations optimise their performance and add value to their patients and community.

Inspiring innovation for future generations

Our aim is to bring healthcare providers solutions that help them grow and improve their practices. Our focus goes beyond traditional accounting and tax services with an emphasis on enhancing value with each of the solutions we provide. The communities we serve are also the communities we live in, which makes us even more invested in providing the best service and added value to our clients in the healthcare industry.

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2022 Filing Deadlines Update

Summary of latest filing deadlines for 31 December 2021 tax returns and financial statements.

Cryptocurrency taxation guidelines released

On 31 January 2022 the Thai Revenue Department released a comprehensive guide for individual taxpayers on the taxation of cryptocurrencies and digital tokens.

2022 Property Tax Update

We summarise the recent tax policy changes in Thailand in response to the pandemic, affecting real estate owner and buyers.

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