Statutory financial reporting

Investment promotion and foreign business licenses

The Board of Investment (BOI) is the government agency responsible for providing incentives to stimulate investment in Thailand.

HLB can assist businesses to make applications to the BOI to obtain promotion status and access the myriad of tax and non-tax incentives on offer.

Foreign business licenses

Thailand’s Foreign Business Act prohibits foreigners from participating in specified business activities and requires certificates or licenses to be obtained before engaging in others.

Our lawyers can provide advice on whether your business is subject to this Act and the rules and conditions for obtaining a license. We can also assist with all aspects of the application and approval process.

Treaty of Amity

The Treaty of Amity and Economic Relations between the Thailand and the United States provides protection to American nationals and companies carrying on business in Thailand.

HLB assists American nationals and companies that desire to carry on a business restricted by the Foreign Business Act to receive protection under the Treaty of Amity and obtain a certificate to carry on their business in Thailand

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