Shaping our shared future

As we enter a new decade, we are faced with new challenges and a faster speed of change than the world has ever seen before.

In order to thrive in the 2020’s, people and organisations of all kinds need to adapt to new realities. For us at HLB, that means anticipating trends affecting our clients and people, while rethinking our business model to fit the rapidly transforming professional services sector. We aim to shape the shared future of our network and everyone in the HLB ecosystem into a better place for future generations to come. We work with and advise organisations across all sectors in more than 150 countries world-wide. Our clients have put their trust in us for over half a century and this experience has taught us to foresee trends and anticipate disruption. We use experience and insights to inform data-driven decisions and innovate our future.

HLB vision 2023

Our vision is to grow into a top 10 future-proof global advisory and accounting network. In order to achieve our vision of the future, we recognise four key areas to strengthen.

Diversifying our service offering

We will accelerate the diversification of our services and will substantially grow our advisory practices in key markets in addition to our existing offering. Consequently, we will create more value for our clients and build deeper relationships with them.

Taking full advantage of technological innovation

We will embed tech innovation into our organisational DNA, to take full advantage of what technology has to offer for our clients and people. We are using technology to change the way we work and are developing a broader set of digital skills within our workforce.

Offering a workplace people can thrive in

We will invest heavily in the HLB culture to create a professional environment talent can thrive in and offer fair and exciting opportunities to all our people.

Delivering a challenger brand experience

We will strengthen the HLB brand by harnessing our entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking to deliver meaningful HLB experiences to a global community of stakeholders.


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